Delivering a real MAP is hard. Your Tectrol® Service Network makes it work.

When you deliver the best varieties and proper cold chain management, the Tectrol® Service Network will help you deliver an effective Modified Atmosphere package. You work hard to grow, package and deliver the freshest berries to your retailers’ consumers. The Tectrol Service Network works just as hard to help assure our Modified Atmospheres perform – delivering berry quality all the way home.

Tectrol® enhances your competitive capability and maintains fruit quality where other shipping methods may fall short. And because the benefit of Tectrol® stays with the fruit long after the seal is broken, this proven shipping method also provides more appealing shelf presentations longer than unprotected fruit – preserving your company’s reputation for quality with retail buyers and consumers. Tectrol® is also an OMRI® listed product, allowing you to confidently choose our products for organic products.

  • Tectrol® treated strawberries averaged 11% less decay, wet, leaky fruit than an open bag system after simulated transit and distribution in a controlled study. Read more.
  • Tectrol® treated strawberries had a 25% Increase in retail purchase intent when compared to open bag shipping methods in a major retail Consumer Quality Index study. Read more.
  • University of California at Davis compares strawberry pallet preservation systems including transit temperature comparison and simulated distribution market life. Read more.

Tectrol® Service Network Supports Advanced Tectrol® Storage Solution for Blueberries

The effectiveness and  reliability of Tectrol® technologies are now avaliable to help grower and shippers of fresh blueberries deliver more consistent supplies.

Following a multi-year R & D initiative, TransFresh introduced Tectrol® Storage Solutions for Blueberries featuring innovative pallet seal and membrane technologies that deliver a dynamic new packaging system that maintains oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, balancing proportions during the entire storage period- regardless of small fluctuations in storage temperatures and respiration rates.  

Carefully guided by the Tectrol® Service Network, benefits to the grower shipper include efficient packaging applications, increased seal reliability and consistency and stable atmospheres that are maintained over longer periods.

Unique Features of the Tectrol® Service Network:

Random and regular inspections at BOTH shipping and receiving points confirm systems application process and atmosphere integrity.
  • Verifies Tectrol® application and pallet bag seal integrity
  • Measures atmosphere readings to confirm 10% or higher CO2 level
  • Network-wide updates within 12 hours for process improvement, as needed
  • Load patterns and reefer performance are checked to help optimize cold chain integrity
Equipment inspections and inventory management ensure optimal systems performance.
  • Consignment-based material inventory optimizes your cash flow with automatic replenishment
  • Equipment inspections, maintenance and emergency repairs ensure operational efficiency and minimized down time
  • Continuous monitoring and on-site training of your service personnel
  • 24/7 “in season” availability and support by Network technicians
  • Online reports confirming all activities
Online customer log in for proprietary and secure notifications.
  • Notify you of in-field equipment services and performance status
  • Retailer notification of receiving point audits
  • Proactive issue resolution to optimize Tectrol performance
  • 24/7 proprietary information access