The Tectrol® Service Network at Work

Tectrol is a service where, crucial steps are taken to preserve the atmosphere integrity of your berry shipments at the critical 10% or higher CO2 level recommended by the USDA and University of California at Davis. The Tectrol® Atmosphere Service Network makes this all happen.

  • We equip our shippers with the most effective means of sealing a Tectrol® Atmosphere around a palletized unit of perishables. Every aspect of our technology has been designed to allow your cooler personnel to master our process quickly, with a focus on efficiency.
  • TransFresh® technicians routinely visit shipping coolers, monitoring workmanship, service methods and atmosphere injection equipment – recording and reporting back on these inspections to our customers via our Tectrol Service Network.
  • After harvest, berries continue to respire/breathe, but once properly sealed in Tectrol®, the fruit’s natural degradation process is slowed and decay organisms are inhibited.

  • Upon arrival at a distribution center, the seal is broken and the Tectrol Atmosphere is released – now the benefits of Tectrol® take over to keep the fruit fresh. Read more.
  • Tectrol® loads are spot-checked at receiving points by our Service Network throughout the country, recording data such as CO2 levels, bag and seal integrity, pulp temperatures, and bag trace-back numbers. The data is immediately transmitted back to our shipping point Network personnel who then use the data to change service techniques, if necessary.
  • Shippers and retailers can always access data collected at their locations through the Tectrol Service Network’s online reporting function.