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Tectrol® Service Network

Good cold chain management is the single most important aspect to maintaining berry quality. In addition to proper cold chain management, the Tectrol® Atmosphere pallet system adds an extra level of protection to help ensure the quality and marketability of your berry products.

We seal, protect and maintain your berries in a true Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP) – a process unique to TransFresh®. Tectrol® Atmosphere pallet systems help ensure and grow shippers’ and retailers’ profit potential. Only the Tectrol® Service Network delivers the systems, processes and quality control throughout the shipping and distribution. Rely on our Network to assure MAP performance, so your berry category grows and your reputation for quality remains strong.

From shipping point to consumers’ tables, Tectrol® adds value and profitability on all types of berries, including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Tectrol’s high CO2 atmosphere is a scientifically proven solution for shipping berries – demonstrated in numerous USDA, university and private studies. Tectrol® Atmosphere and the Tectrol® Service Network are both listed by OMRI® as approved for use in the organic production of food, allowing you to confidentially choose our products for organic production.