TransFresh controlled atmosphere (CA) shipments involve the installation of an electronic controller into a purpose built compartment (Security Enclosure or SE) on the container reefer unit by TransFresh representatives at the port of origin. At the end of each voyage the controller must be removed and returned to TransFresh for service and reuse in future CA shipments.

TransFresh requests that at the earliest time after the voyage is completed each controller be:

  • removed from the container (instructions)
  • returned to TransFresh by FedEx (instructions)
  • please send ALL controllers back IMMEDIATELY after they are removed.
Please Note
  • When TransFresh controllers are removed from their compartment it is necessary to replace them with a special foam block. "Controller retrieval kits" are supplied by TransFresh and consist of a special transport carton which has the foam blocks and return address labels inside. Please notify TransFresh if you require retrieval kits - please provide full delivery address and phone number and we will ship to you immediately.
  • TransFresh will endeavor to notify destination contacts in advance of the arrival of each shipment, but for various reasons containers may be found with controllers in them. If a controller is found in an empty container, a container carrying frozen cargo or a container with the air exchange vents open then it is no longer in use and should be removed immediately. If you have any doubts or questions about any container, please contact us.
  • For some cargoes there will be fans and cables left in the container. Click here for further information on fans and cables.

Controller Removal Instructions

To remove a controller you will need the following tools:
  • Wire cutter
  • Slot screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Retrieval parcel with foam block (Provided by TransFresh)
Follow these steps:
  1. The Refrigeration unit must be turned off during the removal process. Unplugging the controller with power on can cause blown circuits and/or data loss.
  2. Cut wire seal on TransFresh Security Enclosure.
  3. Undo the 2 screws on the bottom of the TransFresh door and open cover.
  4. Undo the 2 screws that fasten controller in place.
  5. Grip the controller by the handle in the middle, front and gently pull it out of the Security Enclosure.
  6. Insert the white insulating foam block from the retrieval kit where the controller was housed.
  7. Close the TransFresh Security Enclosure door and fasten the 2 screws until firmly closed.
  8. If the reefer is still laden, open the refrigeration unit air exchange to approximately 25% and ensure the reefer is left running.

Important Note: There is only one way that the foam block will fit. Please do not force it as damage may occur. The foam block is vital for the proper operation of the refrigeration unit.


Instructions for Returning Controllers by Federal Express (FedEx)

TransFresh pays all return transportation costs. When using Federal Express the cost is charged directly to our account. (Please contact us to obtain TransFresh's FedEx Account Number)

Returning controllers is simple:
  • Close and Secure all controller return cartons with packing tape.
  • Prepare documentation (FedEx Air Waybill and Commercial Invoice).
  • Call FedEx at their toll free number to request pick up.
  • Advise TransFresh of shipment tracking number by e-mail.

Should you encounter any difficulties in obtaining service from FedEx please contact TransFresh immediately and we will assist or find alternative service.

Completing a FedEx International Airway bill

FedEx forms used in most parts of the world are quite similar. The order may vary and some may require additional information.

Following are the typical sections in the FedEx form and the information that should be entered: More information about completing the forms can be found in the "Tools for Shipping" pages of your local FedEx website.

Please enter the following details:
Section Complete by entering:
"From" Your address information
"To" Centro de Servicios TransFresh Global Ltda.
Avenida Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva 9950-1
Modulo B-3
Quilicura, Santiago de Chile
Phone 011-56-2-617-6828 -- or -- 011-56-2-617-6829
"Internal Billing Reference" Leave blank
"Total Packages" The number of separate packages (note we typically tape up to 5 controller cartons together to form an individual package)
"Total Weight" The total weight based on the each controller, complete with packaging, weighing 3.0kg (6.5lb)
"Commodity Description" "TransFresh Marine Atmosphere Controllers"
"Harmonized Code" "9032.89.10"
"Country of manufacture" "USA"
"Value for Customs", "Total Value for Customs" & Total Declare Value for Carriage" Calculate on the basis of each controller at US$ 94.50
"Express Package Service" Check "FedEx International Priority"
"Packaging" Check "Other Packaging"
"Special Handling" Under "Does this shipment contain dangerous goods ?" Check "No"
"Payment - Bill Transportation charges to:" Check "Recipient"

Enter TransFresh's FedEx Account No.

(Please contact us to obtain the TransFresh Account No)
"Payment - Bill duties and taxes to:" Check "Recipient"

In addition please write the words "Exempt per Filing of 3311" somewhere in the section.
"Required Signature" Complete form with your signature

Preparing a "Commercial Invoice"

For international shipments, a commercial invoice is required by Customs departments of both the exportation and importation countries. It is important that the information be accurate and that it matches the information on the airway bill.

More information about commercial invoices can be found in the "Tools for Shipping" pages of your local FedEx website.

To see in detail how to complete a commercial invoice please go to our Sample.

We also provide for your convenience a printable blank invoice form which you can use. Click here to download the free Adobe PDF reader.

If you encounter problems printing the form, you may contact TransFresh and we will e-mail it in a different format.

In preparing a Commercial Invoice please take note of the following:
  • The weight of each controller, complete with packaging, is 3.0kg (6.5lb). Please multiply by the number of controllers in the shipment to calculate the total weight.
  • The Value of each controller is US$ 94.50. Please multiply by the number of controllers in the shipment to calculate the total Value.
  • Enter the number of separate packages in the shipment (Note: we typically tape up to 5 controller cartons together to form an individual package).
Before you sign the Declaration:
  • Add the date and FedEx International Air Waybill number as reference for your shipment.
  • Ensure that all the information is consistent with the Air Waybill.
  • FedEx requests one original commercial invoice with five copies, all individually signed. It is also recommended that you put a copy inside one package.

Fans and Cables

Some shipments require the installation of a "Carbon Dioxide scrubber". This is placed inside the cargo space of the container and consists of a large cardboard box containing a bed of carbon dioxide absorber, fitted with a small fan and 2 air flow valves, and is connected to the container reefer system by a long power cable.The scrubber box should be removed and disposed of by the consignee.

They should be removed from containers and returned to TransFresh as follows:
  • Cables are connected to a socket on the reefer system that can be disconnected by turning the retainer ring counter-clockwise and pulling firmly.
  • Please do not cut the cables !!!!!!
  • After removal of cable you must ensure that the protection cap is in place.
Please return to TransFresh by FedEx as follows:
  • Place in any suitable cartons that might be available to you.
  • Please accumulate enough fans and cables to fill carton.
  • Secure package for transportation.
  • Ship to our service center by FedEx per the instructions for controllers.
For FedEx/customs documentation please use the following information:

Description Commodity Code Value Unit Weight
Scrubber Fan 8414.5100 US $48.29 0.45kg (1lb)
Scrubber Cables 8544.1100 US $33.35 1.8kg (4lb)

A printable blank commercial invoice with Fans and Cables included is available here.