TransFresh Sweet Corn Solutions

TransFresh Controlled Atmosphere Systems Maintain Quality and Freshness.

The rate of respiration is reduced in Controlled Atmosphere, which:
  • Husk appearance is fresher with greater chlorophyll retention and less dehydration.
  • No kernel dimpling.
  • Bacterial 'slime' on corn silk is reduced or absent.
  • Black spot fungus and/or gray mold on husks is diminished or absent.
  • Sugar retention is improved over air storage.

Profits are Maximized at Distribution and Retail
  • The maintenance of good quality indices during transportation extends marketability on the shelf.
  • Fresh husk appearance and high sugar content are key factors and primary benefits of Tectrol® Controlled Atmosphere.

Product Shelf Life is Improved
  • Reduced decay and fresh appearance maintained.

Commodity / Transport Profile
  • Varieties: Sweet, Super Sweet and others.
  • Temperature: 32º F or slightly above.
  • Transit/Postharvest Life: 2 -3 weeks with proper cooling \ handling.
  • Tectrol® Process Available: CA (Controlled Atmosphere).

Note: Rapid post harvest cooling and subsequent temperature chain maintenance and hydration are essential for extended transits.

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