TransFresh Strawberry Solutions

Tectrol® Atmospheres Maintain Quality and Freshness.

The rate of respiration is reduced in Controlled and Modified Atmosphere, which:
  • Reduces decay growth of Grey Mold Rot.
  • Reduces wet, leaky conditions.

Revenue is Maximized at Distribution and Retail
  • Less decay translates to increased sales and revenue potential at the retail market.
  • Retail revenue potential is increased due to less decayed fruit.

Product Shelf Life is Improved
  • Better arrival quality means fewer claims and adjustments.
  • Consumers enjoy more usable strawberries.

Commodity / Transport Profile
  • Varieties: All.
  • Temperature: 0-5° C/ 32-41° F.
  • Transit/Postharvest Life: Strawberries 5-10 days.

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