TransFresh Peaches, Nectarine and Plum Solutions

TransFresh Controlled Atmosphere Systems Maintain Quality and Freshness.

The rate of respiration is reduced in Controlled Atmosphere, which:
  • Eliminates dry, mealy or wooly fruit.
  • Reduces flesh browning.
  • Retains just picked firmness.
  • Reduces flesh softening and color change in plums.

Profits are Maximized at Distribution and Retail
  • Juicier, more flavorful fruit commands higher prices.
  • Enhanced market appearance and consistently good arrival quality ensures a larger number of repeat customers.
  • Extended market life means more product available at the marketplace and greater profits.

Product Shelf Life is Improved
  • Decay is inhibited.

Commodity / Transport Profile
  • Varieties: All.
  • Temperature: -0.5°-0° C/31-32° F.
  • Transit / Postharvest Life: Peaches and Nectarines 7-30 days; Plums 7-35 days.

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