TransFresh Kiwifruit Solutions

TransFresh Controlled Atmosphere Systems Maintain Quality and Freshness.

The rate of respiration is reduced in Controlled Atmosphere, which:
  • Respiration / ripening is delayed.
  • Fruit firmness at harvest is maintained.

Profits are Maximized at Distribution and Retail
  • Storage / shipping in Tectrol® Controlled Atmosphere provides the latitude to meet niche market timelines and obtain the best prices for high quality fruit.

Product Shelf Life is Improved
  • Mature, firm Kiwis (14 lb, 5/16ths in. probe) arriving in Tectrol® Controlled Atmosphere will outlast refrigerated air shipped fruit on the shelf by several days.

Commodity / Transport Profile
  • Varieties: Hayward, Abbott and others.
  • Temperature: 32º F.

Note: Shipping kiwifruit in TransFresh CA within 2 days of harvest enhances the benefits of controlled atmosphere on arrival and on the shelf. Information contained in Fact Sheets is intended for reference only. TransFresh Corporation or any other distributor of this information assumes no liabilities for claims, adjustments or rejections for any reason or cause resulting from the use of this information. No warranty or guaranteed results are intended or implied. Information herein is compiled from public sources such as USDA Handbook 66,668,669 and 1070. Specific references are available on request.

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