TransFresh High Velocity Tectrol Application System Debuts at Western Precooling

March 23, 2013

TransFresh High Velocity Tectrol Application System Debuts

 at Western Precooling

Greater Speed and Volume Throughput Benefit Strawberries Bound for US Markets

Through Oxnard Gateway

            March 23, 2013 Salinas, California  –  TransFresh Corporation and its Tectrol Atmosphere pallet system are known industrywide for adding an extra level of protection beyond cold chain management to help ensure the quality and marketability of berry products. Interest in Tectrol and its CO2 Atmosphere was spurred by the release of joint study findings by UC Davis and UFL (Comparison of Pallet Cover Systems to Maintain Strawberry Fruit Quality during Transit, University of California, Davis and University of Florida, ASHS, August 2012.) 

            As part of its commitment to protecting berry quality, TransFresh is also known for supporting the Strawberry trade at the cooler level with specialized equipment designed to ensure effectiveness of the Tectrol application process.  The latest example of this commitment is the development and installation of a high performance system just installed at Western Precooling in Oxnard CA. 

            The new high velocity system simultaneously grips and lifts pallet cartons to facilitate the consistent application and sealing of poly sheeting in a seamless and speedier operation.  This facilitates streamlined wrapping and sealing as pallets move toward the conveyor for Tectrol application.   

            According to Rich Macleod, vice president, Pallet Division North America, TransFresh Corporation, the new high-performance method substantially increases the number of Tectrol pallets per hour, which increases the total volume of Tectrol strawberries that move through the cooler facility. In sum, the TransFresh investment in research, equipment development and installation results in greater efficiency and throughput as well as enhanced sealing efficacy.

           Western Precooling is a leading cooling concern with operations in Oxnard, CA (and throughout the US), which acts as a gateway for strawberries bound for US markets.  Western Precooling serves a wide range of growers, shippers and distributors, including Driscoll’s in the

strawberry segment.  Western Precooling has recently debuted a large state-of-the-art new cooler facility where the Tectrol installation is housed (you may be interested in visiting the site).

            Rich Macleod would be delighted to speak with you about Tectrol news, the CO2 study and related volume of Tectrol strawberries coming through the Oxnard gateway.