Tectrol® Atmosphere and Food Safety

February 23, 2004

All food handling systems, including our Tectrol Atmosphere pallet process, have been under review in relation to food safety. While we are careful to market our Tectrol Atmosphere services as a method to reduce retail shrink, following is a list of practi

1) Plastics and other materials used for the Tectrol process are only supplied by TransFresh personnel. Only our plastics are marked with our distinctive " red berry trademark logo ". Each bag has a reference number that allows us to trace the bag back to a manufacture's run time and date.

2) Plastic materials are all "virgin", and therefore allowed to be in contact with food materials.

3) The Tectrol Atmosphere process is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.

4) All of our delivery and service personnel are licensed hazardous material handlers, subject to Federal and State rules and inspections.

5) Carbon dioxide cylinders are secured at our vendors as well as all TransFresh warehouse facilities. Only TransFresh personnel transport cylinders from vendors to warehouse and shipper sites.

From a process standpoint, a properly sealed Tectrol pallet provides both a physical barrier as well as a partial gas barrier between the berries and the outside environment. A torn or damaged bag discovered at unloading may also serve as "tamper evidence".