1. What is Modified Atmosphere (MA or MAP)?

MAP can be described as any change in composition or concentration of Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) within a high barrier or permeable sealed package.  The technology substitutes “normal” atmospheric air with a natural and protective air/gas mix to extend the shelf-life of fresh food products.  These specifically adjusted gas blends are carefully controlled to meet the respiration needs for each packaged food product.  A change in air temperature and/or relative humidity or removal of volatiles such as ethylene (C2H4) generally is not considered a modified atmosphere by the scientific community.

2. What is Tectrol®?

Tectrol and the Tectrol Service Network are the trademarked brand names for TransFresh’s family of proprietary Modified Atmosphere Package Systems and Processes developed and owned by TransFresh®.  Our focus is to provide the most impactful, efficient and cost effective commercial applications of bulk packaging solutions know to Science.   Our pallet bag based solutions are carefully tailored to specific commodity needs, engineered for use with all berry types and for use with storage and shipping.    When requesting MAP orders with your grower/packer shippers, make sure to specify “Tectrol!”

3. What can Tectrol do for me?

There are so many variables that go into growing, processing, packing, storing and shipping fresh produce to market.  Our innovative technologies help crops by significantly reducing spoilage.  Tectrol can better protect fresh produce perishables from the shipping point all the way through distribution and retail sale by slowing down the development of market disorders such as decay and wet and leaky conditions.  Many berry category managers use Tectrol® to potentially increase retail profits through reduced shrink and decay.  Tectrol® helps fresh food growers, distributers, and retailers AND helps consumer/end users enjoy more of the food they purchase from you.

4. Can Tectrol be used on organically grown and produced perishables?

Yes.  Absolutely.  Tectrol Modified Atmosphere and the Tectrol Service Network are both listed by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) for use in the production of organic foods.  TransFresh® has maintained this listing since 2000.  

5. Where do I find a full copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Tectrol Atmospheres?

The primary gases used to create custom blends of Tectrol Controlled or Modified Atmosphere are carbon dioxide and nitrogen

6. What potential benefit will Tectrol have on my business and increased profits?

Now there’s an easy tool for evaluating your potential return on investment when committing to a firm Tectrol program.   Create your own personal Cost Benefit Analysis in a matter of minutes by visiting www.Tectrol-Calculator.com.

7. Where can I find more information about Tectrol and TransFresh®?

TransFresh’s systems and processes represent the most current knowledge on the application of modified atmosphere systems for the protection of perishables in the commercial world.  An excellent resource is the University of California at Davis, which also maintains a comprehensive website with up to date postharvest technology research and information.  And don’t miss the wealth of information accessible on the "resources page of this website.

8. Where can I get Tectrol?

Are you interested in finding locations where Tectrol is easily available?  Or would you like to discuss initiating a Tectrol Program at one of your Shipping Point location?  We can help!  Please contact-us" with all your questions.