Welcome to Tectrol® Modified Atmosphere Solutions

At Transfresh Corporation, our total focus is carefully engineered Tectrol® Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems. Tectrol is recognized worldwide for delivering a level of protection beyond cold chain management to help ensure the quality and marketability of fresh berry products.

Tectrol Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems utilize postharvest best practices and tailored specifications to modify atmosphere in sealed strawberry pallets. The benefits of using Tectrol during fresh strawberry transit are scientifically proven and include important measures like less fruit decay and increased consumer satisfaction. And this translates to enhanced reveue potential for Growers, Shippers, and Retailers. We invite you to experience the Tectrol difference!

Tectrol® Storage Solutions® leverages innovative technologies to provide fresh blueberry suppliers with greater atmosphere consistency and increased market control.

"Tectrol® protects quality to help increase berry program success."

The Tectrol® Service Network - We're committed to Your Success

Our mission is your success - whether you're a Grower, Shipper, or Retailer.  And we work hard to make that success happen.  That's why our Tectrol® Service Network provides full-service expertise and technical support throughout the postharvest shipping process.  From R&D insights, technical tools, quality assurance spot checks, online report with proprietary 24/7 secured web access, and state-of-the-art productivity management - when you purchase Tectrol, you can feel assured that the full range of must-have resources and deliverables are right there at your side.

Transfresh Tectrol®: We Take Your Berry Revenue Success SeriouslyTM.